April Work Day #2: Sat 4/23 10 AM – 1 PM

It’s time to fence in our nine newly built and filled garden beds so we can give our plants a deer and critter free (I know, tempting fate here) space to thrive. Come build a fence with the team on April 23 from 10 AM to 1 PM. Ed’s bringing his tractor to dig our corner posts – THANK YOU ED! – and we’ll be raising the posts, attaching the wire (two kinds!) and relocating our existing door and sign kiosk. You won’t need much more than shovels, gloves and a sturdy stance this week.

Not up for bracing posts or digging trenches? There is still plenty of clean up and maintenance work to do at the farm. Plus, we just like your company. Please stop by!

Looking ahead – Our next event is planned for Saturday May 7, mulch day! Then we have a whole season of watering, weeding and harvesting to do. We’ll be in touch with ways to get involved throughout the year.

Saturday, April 23
10 AM – 1 PM
*Rain date: Sunday, April 24*

Athens Community Farm
39 Third Street, Athens NY (right behind the Athens Volunteer Fire Dept.)

Goals for the day

  • Build a fence around 9 new garden beds
  • Connect to existing fence for full coverage
  • Relocate existing door and sign kiosk
  • General cleanup/maintenance

What to bring
Shovel – especially those good for trench digging
Pick Axe
Any really amazing fencing tools or advice – we’ll take those in advance too 😉

Volunteers digging a trench to bury chicken wire for our first fence in 2021. It was great, not hard at all 😉 Let’s do it again Saturday!

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