August Work Day: Sat 8/27 8AM – 10 AM

Grab your coffee and come pull some weeds at the Farm this Saturday, August 27 from 8 AM – 10 AM (everyone liked the early hours last month so we’re running with it). As we close out some of our summer crops, we’ll use the morning to care for what’s already growing for fall (beans! greens! broccolini!) and plant anything we’re missing.

Can’t make it? Stop by any time to pick, weed or just enjoy the space. We’ll have another work day in late September 🙂

Saturday, August 27
8 AM – 10 AM

Athens Community Farm
39 Third Street, Athens NY (right behind the Athens Volunteer Fire Dept.)

Goals for the day

  • Weed beds and pathways
  • Trellising + other plant care
  • Plant fall crops
  • As needed: Farm orientation

What to bring
Water, water, water
Any favorite weeding tools

Bush beans growing in the old garlic bed and a helpful reminder that the butternut squash aren’t quite ready for picking. Pic cred: Peg Taylor

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