Notes + Next Steps from the August Meeting

Meeting date: August 18, 2021

We spent the majority of the meeting this month doing a bed by bed walkthrough of the garden, checking out the health of our full season plants, figuring out which summer crops are still producing or are ready to be flipped, and taking notes on what we’ve learned about growing in this new space.

Updates on Summer Goals

  1. Continue existing programs: harvests, CSA pickups 
  • Weekly harvests for Rivertown and D.R. Evarts continue to be plentiful!
  • Rubber storage container for harvest materials now at the farm

2. Increase awareness: signage around farm

  • Signs are up on the Third Street and along Fire Dept/DPW driveway
  • Holding on additional printed materials for now, will review need in the fall
  • Working on signs for each bed explaining the crop and harvest techniques along with a “ready/not ready” indicator

3. Engage volunteers through new website/facebook

  • Website, Facebook and Insta posts twice weekly+ to inform of harvests and other farm updates
  • Will continue to push people to sign up for the mailing list if they want to keep up to date on news and volunteer opportunities.

4. Organize fall planting: seed starting, bed/soil prep.

  • Seeds for fall plantings started and should be ready to plant within the next two weeks: kale, bok choy, chicory, beets, kohlrabi, mustard greens. 
  • Additional crops will be direct sown: radish, carrots + more?
  • Approx 5 beds will be cleared at/around the next work day (more on this below)

5. Get on top of pest management

  • Seeing some powdery mildew on butternut – will cut back and treat
  • Worms/slugs on tomatoes – something to note for next year but still have a good crop for this season. Reminder: do not put tomato discards in the compost. 
  • Recommendation: Row covers will be used on newly planted kale. Leslie will provide hoops

6. Clear fundraising deficit

  • Meeting with Friends of Athens this/next week to figure out next steps on donation
  • Donorbox work ongoing – account set up, need to make updates online
  • Screens are ordered and we should be able to do our own screenprinting next month, tutorial for anyone interested possible! We’ll have a ~5×6 in. logo along with a half and quarter size option. Not sure if we want to market this initially as a fundraiser or just a community event, but will hoping to host something in October. 
  • Recommendations: 
    • Produce bags/lightweight totes could lower cost of a bulk blanks order (and be fun!)
    • Catie to go to purchase some t-shirts from a thrift store so we can pre-print and have them available for purchase.


  • Watering schedule – cut for time. Need someone to cover Sundays. 
  • Bed walkthrough – it was so helpful to take the time to check in on every bed (and bucket) around the farm. As expected we’re starting to see some of our summer veggies slow down and will be flipping their boxes to make room for new fall crops. 
    • Soon to go: tomatillos, tomatoes, eggplant, melon? 
    • Still seeing new growth: cucumbers, peppers
    • What we’ve learned: always have more lettuce! Bell peppers may need more sun/heat to ripen. Next year we need stronger trellises for the tomatoes. Some crops do better in buckets than others. 
  • Looking ahead: 
    • Ordering for next season through Leslie – can also purchase through EJA plant sales in the spring
    • Winter project collaboration with Clermont State Historic Site Garden: Homegrown microgreen kits!

Next Steps

  • Work day next Saturday, August 28 12-3 PM
  • Sarah and Catie finalize plans for prepping beds + seedling care
  • Leslie to drop off seedlings before the next workday
  • Leslie to drop off hoops for kale row cover
  • Sarah and Molly connect on FOA funding
  • Mary and Sarah to confirm Donorbox/Gofundme switch
  • Sarah + others to plan screenprinting events (in Sept/Oct)

Next meeting will be – Thursday, September, 16

Next working day – Saturday, August 28 12 -3 pm

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Notes from past meetings can be found here.

The harvest after this week’s meeting included all of the summer favorites + some additions from neighbors’ gardens

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