Notes + Next Steps from the July Meeting

Meeting date: July 7, 2021

The plants are doing the hard work this month, but luckily the sky cleared just in time for a group of volunteers to gather at the farm, share growing woes (the beetles!) and talk through what we all want to get done over the next month.


Since last meeting in June we’ve:

  • Harvested for 5 weeks straight – twice per week!
  • Donated over 200 bags/bunches/items  
  • Distributed directly to the community at D.R. Evarts and to Rivertown Senior Apts
  • Helped deliver 4 weeks of CSA shares to the Athens Community Food Pantry
  • Launched website and FB page 

Discussion: Goals for Summer 2021

  1. Continue existing programs: harvests, CSA pickups
  • Need to have some sort of waterproof storage at the farm for harvest tools and materials
  • Recommendation: Potentially move weekday harvests times earlier for more participation. Right now the schedule works well with Rivertown but we’ll consider and can be flexible from week to week. 

2. Increase awareness: signage around farm

  • Street signs and additional garden signs are ready. Just need to seal. They should be going up next week. 
  • Recommendation: Print postcards or magnets with farm info 

3. Engage volunteers through new website/facebook

  • Continue to direct people to the updates section of the site to stay up on how/when to volunteer
  • Post reminders of Saturday distribution days across across social channels and the community board to help get the word out
  • Recommendation: Have an email sign up sheet at the library distribution. 

4. Organize fall planting: seed starting, bed/soil prep.

  • Anyone interested in starting seeds at home just let us know! 
  • Things we want to grow this fall: 
    • New kale/hearty greens
    • Beets (different varieties)
    • Radishes – will direct sow
    • Chicories
    • Bok choi 
    • What else are people interested in eating this fall? 
  • Recommendation: Contact Rivertown Apts to see about using their greenhouse for fall planting

5. Get on top of pest management

  • Beetles on the basil – pick them off
  • Flea beetles on kale – row covers on
  • Aphids on okra – remove by hand, may spray with soap/water
  • Recommendation: Ask weeding and watering volunteers to keep an eye out for bugs and remove when they can.

6. Clear fundraising deficit 

  • Connect with Friends of Athens on potential donation
  • Look into new fundraising platform – Donorbox
  • Screen printed shirts with logos – as a fundraiser or could be an interactive event, bring your own shirt and print/tie-dye
  • Recommendation: hold off on partnering with local businesses for fundraisers until the fall/we have a larger project

Next Steps

  • Get waterproof storage bin for harvest supplies – Sarah and Peg
  • Seal and post new signs – Sarah
  • Look into postcards/magnets with farm info + screen printing supplies – Sarah
  • Bring email sign up sheet to next Saturday distribution – Mary
  • Request use of Rivertown greenhouse – Sarah confirmed!
  • Finalize fall crop list – Catie *reach out with any ideas!*
  • Connect with FOA re: funding – Sarah
  • Investigate new fundraising platform – Mary

Next meeting will be the second week of the month – Wednesday August, 11

Next working day – Saturday, July 24 12 -3 pm

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Notes from past meetings can be found here.

Catie showing off new signs for the farm at the July meeting

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