Spring 2021 Recap: From bare dirt to fresh greens

From the first meeting in February to the first harvest in May, Spring was an exciting season at the Athens Community Farm. With the help of all the volunteers, the Village of Athens, the Athens DPW (so many thanks!), and everyone that donated to the project we were able to build a little farm right here in our community.

This spring we:

  • Secured space to build a garden in the Village.
  • Raised over $3000 in donations + received item donations from local groups (thanks for the buckets Lowes!).
  • Built, fenced, and filled 17 raised garden beds.
  • Planted 20 different varieties of fruit, veggies and herbs.
  • Mulched everything. Twice.
  • Harvested over 150 bunches and bags of produce for the community.
  • Shared over over 120 seedlings provided by local farms.
  • Partnered with Long Table Harvest, The D.R. Evarts Library, Rivertown Senior Apartments and The Athens Community Food Pantry to distribute fresh produce throughout Athens.

And there’s still a whole season left to keep building and growing things together!

Measuring out the future location of the Athens Community Farm in early March
Building beds with #1 volunteer and mascot, Ramona (and Ed and Catie too)
Digging trenches for the fence to keep all those cute little critters out.
The planting crew putting in all kinds of tomatoes, peppers, squash, greens and more!
One of the first harvests shared with the community at the D.R. Evarts Library

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